About Sue

The Adventurous Sue

Sue Halvorsen lives a life filled with adventure. She loves the outdoors and is an avid supporter of animal rescue both wild and domestic. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and their three fur babies, Spirit, Cinnamon, and Surprise.

Sue earned a Bachelors’ degree in wilderness education and traveled to Many wild places. Yet, the most amazing place she has visited is the edge of eternity.


Professional Bio

Sue Halvorsen has achieved many accomplishments. She earned an associates in General studies from Front range community college. A Bachelors’ degree in Wilderness Education from Prescott College. A Masters in Discipleship from Primus University and a Masters in Spirit and Nature-based Creative Writing from Prescott College. She also is a graduate of Charis Bible College and earned a Doctorate in Theology from Primus University.

She has won awards in toastmaster’s and has a certificate of completion from the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. Sue is currently working on becoming an Arizona Master Naturalist.