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I knew this day would come
Monday, March 6, 2023 by Sue Halvorsen

I knew this day would come! I tried to be little miss Riding-hood, but I was never good enough. So, I tried to take the path of the “Big Bad Wolf.” The path of the wolf was more crowded than I thought. I went down many of his routes, put on the costume, and played the part. It just wasn’t me.

Then, I saw two eyes staring at me from behind a bush. It darted off. I followed. Who was this allusive creature? The trail it traveled was barely visible. There was no one else in the forest of meadows as I ran to catch up with the animal.

I stopped and saw it sitting on a ledge. I moved closer and looked up. I could see for miles. I had panoramic views of the valleys below me. I could see the well traveled paths of little miss Riding-hood. I could also see the winding paths of the wolf. But what I didn’t see was the path of the fox sitting next to me.

Because that path is my path. And no one has walked it.

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